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This article (Chuck Taylor – M16 and M4 – Gun World) appeared back in December 2008 in Gun World. It’s a superb summary — by a real expert — of the issues surrounding the M16 and the adoption of the M4 in the Iraq War. In my book, American Rifle: A Biography, I devote the final […]

The editors at National Review were kind enough to allow me to take up most of a page with a letter clarifying a few misconceptions about what I say about the place of riflemen during the War of Independence in American Rifle: A Biography. Thanks, gents, much appreciated.  Here’s the PDF: Letter to National Review Posted […]

A busy day for posting here at the History Man. Here’s a PDF of an article I wrote about a year ago for the military magazine, Armchair General, but which has only appeared now (in the March 2009) issue. It has nothing to do with rifles, but concerns instead the subject of my last book, Washington’s Spies: […]

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Bit busy today with the whole blogroll thing. Alex Seifert’s Wild-West oriented History Rhymes blog has an excellent series of postings on the “real” American cowboys.  For ancient-and-medieval fans, have a look at The History Blog. Posted by Alexander Rose,