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OK, here’s the last one, from Publishers Weekly. “In this solid history, Rose explores the development of the rifle, such as how it evolved in American history to become an iconic symbol of freedom and how it developed as an effective military instrument as well as a private citizen’s firearm. Drawing on numerous primary sources, […]

Here’s the next one, a Starred Review from Kirkus Reviews, which was mighty nice of them. Now, I know that I shouldn’t be looking gift horses in the mouth, but I just wanted to mention that there’s a niggling factual error in this one; namely, that I end with the Vietnam era and the advent of […]

Ta-da, I’m back after a break. Today there was some good news: a bumper crop of not-bad trade reviews (Booklist, Publishers Weekly, and Kirkus Reviews) of American Rifle: A Biography. These might be the last ones I ever get, so I’m posting them with pride.  First up, Booklist . . .  “This fascinating book shows how […]

Many years ago, my boss at the newspaper, a man long experienced in the ways of the world, gave me some sound advice: When you’re angry and bashing out one of those long, aggrieved, abusive, sarcastic missives to some fool who’s annoyed you, before you hit Send take a walk outside for ten minutes. Then, […]

Historically Speaking is the bimonthly bulletin of The Historical Society. The Society’s intent is to: “revitalize the study and teaching of history by reorienting the historical profession toward an accessible, integrated history free from fragmentation and over-specialization. The Society promotes frank debate in an atmosphere of civility, mutual respect, and common courtesy. All we require […]

A new article by Anita Elberse in the Harvard Business Review tackles the influential theory, advanced by Chris Anderson (the editor of Wired magazine), of the Long Tail. Said tail refers to the idea that these days, owing to the ease and cheapness of circulating obscure or niche-interest media (music and movies, primarily) on the Web, […]

I quite often get asked how one writes a book. Well, I reply, it all depends on what kind of book you want to write. That’s why I can’t speak as to how a novelist writes a novel, for I am not one of their kind. One does read anecdotes, however, of how the Greats […]