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As part of my ongoing quest to illuminate the highways and by-ways of historical obscurity, please let me introduce a new addition to the slowly expanding Rose universe: namely, the blog run by Todd Seavey (who knows everything there is to know about the history of comic books — my own intellectual limit was reached […]

Another addition to the Blogroll of Fame, The Edge of the American West, a history-minded blog written by Eric Rauchway, Ari Kelman (who both “teach history at a fine public university at the western edge of the American West”), and Scott Eric Kaufman (“a doctoral candidate in English at a closely related fine public university in […]

Goodness, I just noticed that I was linked to from This is pretty exciting. She rather liked that post I put up about “How to Write a History Book, Part 1.”  Guess I’ll have to get to work on Part 2. Expectations have now been raised . . . 

I’m pleased to announce the addition to my blogroll of Wig-Wags, a very impressive WordPress blog run by Rene Tyree, a history graduate student specializing in the Civil War. Through Wig-Wags, I found a terrific article on the influence of Jomini in the United States (Clausewitz usually gets all the glory), as well as a […]