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In American Rifle, following every other source on this matter, I wrote that the target board Lincoln used to test the new experimental Spencer rifle on the White House grounds had been lost in the decades following the president’s gift of it to Christopher Spencer, the rifle’s inventor. (See also my article in American Rifleman on “Lincoln’s […]

IO9, an excellent science-fiction site has publicized the exploits of the world’s greatest astroforensicist, astroforensician, expert on astroforensics, Professor Donald Olson of Southwest Texas State University.  Olson and his colleagues specialize in exactly “timing” momentous events or famous episodes in history by combining astronomical data with topographic maps, aerial photographs, weather records, journals, and letters.  According […]

Reading March’s issue of History Today, the estimable British magazine, I noticed a letter from Richard Heller of London. He had discovered, quite by accident, that the 1945 edition of Who’s Who had an entry for, of all people, Adolf Hitler. Intrigued, I tootled by my local university library and looked it up for myself. […]