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This is a PDF of an interview with the fine journal, Historically Speaking. Interview with Historically Speaking – April 2010 I Posted by Alexander Rose Advertisements

Kentucky Rifle


A couple of things. First, Invention & Technology magazine has kindly posted my “Kentucky Rifle” piece online. Unfortunately, it lacks the stunning photos of the paper version, but I expect that’s owing to copyright issues. You can download a PDF of the original article — with photos — from my website. (Scroll about halfway down […]

Historically Speaking is the bimonthly bulletin of The Historical Society. The Society’s intent is to: “revitalize the study and teaching of history by reorienting the historical profession toward an accessible, integrated history free from fragmentation and over-specialization. The Society promotes frank debate in an atmosphere of civility, mutual respect, and common courtesy. All we require […]

IO9, an excellent science-fiction site has publicized the exploits of the world’s greatest astroforensicist, astroforensician, expert on astroforensics, Professor Donald Olson of Southwest Texas State University.  Olson and his colleagues specialize in exactly “timing” momentous events or famous episodes in history by combining astronomical data with topographic maps, aerial photographs, weather records, journals, and letters.  According […]

It occurs to me that I should have been more specific in my previous post about the two books — so far — that have appeared since Lord Dacre’s death in 2003. Both of these had long “almost been finished,” but the former Regius Professor held off publishing them, possibly for fear of criticism. He […]

One of America’s foremost military historians, R. Don Higginbotham, died over the weekend, as reported by Ralph Luker at Cliopatria. I used, and heavily annotated, several of his books — including this one — when researching my own. I’ve taken the following from his bio at the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill website: […]