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This is a PDF of an interview with the fine journal, Historically Speaking. Interview with Historically Speaking – April 2010 I Posted by Alexander Rose Advertisements

InĀ American Rifle, following every other source on this matter, I wrote that the target board Lincoln used to test the new experimental Spencer rifle on the White House grounds had been lost in the decades following the president’s gift of it to Christopher Spencer, the rifle’s inventor. (See also my article inĀ American Rifleman on “Lincoln’s […]

Hello all, Well, it’s been a while since I updated this blog, my only excuse being that I’ve been away hard-selling the book. Anyway, I’m around again with some news. The American Rifleman, the NRA’s premier magazine, just reviewed the book. I have a JPEG here, but I’m trying to get a better copy (probably […]

When it first came out, back in the 1960s, the rifle known as the M16 was dismissed by some soldiers as being “made by Mattel,” which, more famously, manufactured Barbie dolls. For a time, there was even a rumor that the gun had been made by Mattel. While its plastic grips and stock were actually […]