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This is a PDF of an interview with the fine journal, Historically Speaking. Interview with Historically Speaking – April 2010 I Posted by Alexander Rose Advertisements

In American Rifle, following every other source on this matter, I wrote that the target board Lincoln used to test the new experimental Spencer rifle on the White House grounds had been lost in the decades following the president’s gift of it to Christopher Spencer, the rifle’s inventor. (See also my article in American Rifleman on “Lincoln’s […]

Joe, a reader, sent me this paragraph, taken from Orwell’s essay, “You and the Atom Bomb,” published in Tribune, October 19, 1945. I’m not entirely persuaded by Orwell’s materialist view of history (i.e., that “the history of civilization is largely the history of weapons”), since such factors as culture, economics, social development, individual choice, and […]

This article (Chuck Taylor – M16 and M4 – Gun World) appeared back in December 2008 in Gun World. It’s a superb summary — by a real expert — of the issues surrounding the M16 and the adoption of the M4 in the Iraq War. In my book, American Rifle: A Biography, I devote the final […]

A nice surprise on Sunday morning: The Arkansas Democrat Gazette gave a lengthy (and perceptive) review of American Rifle: A Biography. I’ve pasted in the text below.    Book details relationship of rifles to U.S. military Review by Bryan Hendricks, Arkansas Democrat Gazette, June 7, 2009 For a definitive history of the American military rifle, […]

I was just sent this — it’s from the forthcoming April issue of Shooting Illustrated. Apparently, there will be a longer online version coming out.

The editors at National Review were kind enough to allow me to take up most of a page with a letter clarifying a few misconceptions about what I say about the place of riflemen during the War of Independence in American Rifle: A Biography. Thanks, gents, much appreciated.  Here’s the PDF: Letter to National Review Posted […]

Hey, cool, the book just got pinged by Instapundit. It’s quite an honor.  Posted by Alexander Rose (

Hello all, Well, it’s been a while since I updated this blog, my only excuse being that I’ve been away hard-selling the book. Anyway, I’m around again with some news. The American Rifleman, the NRA’s premier magazine, just reviewed the book. I have a JPEG here, but I’m trying to get a better copy (probably […]

OK, here’s the last one, from Publishers Weekly. “In this solid history, Rose explores the development of the rifle, such as how it evolved in American history to become an iconic symbol of freedom and how it developed as an effective military instrument as well as a private citizen’s firearm. Drawing on numerous primary sources, […]