What’s wrong with the M16/M4?


This article (Chuck Taylor – M16 and M4 – Gun World) appeared back in December 2008 in Gun World. It’s a superb summary — by a real expert — of the issues surrounding the M16 and the adoption of the M4 in the Iraq War. In my book, American Rifle: A Biography, I devote the final chapter to this subject. 

(P.S. I haven’t found this article anywhere online, and so I’ve scanned it for my own files. Please don’t misuse this content. The citation is Chuck Taylor, “What’s really wrong with the M16/M4?”, Gun World, December 2008, pp. 52-61. If you like what you read, I suggest you subscribe to the magazine.)


Posted by Alexander Rose, www.alexrose.com


One Response to “What’s wrong with the M16/M4?”

  1. 1 Smilin' Jim

    One wonders if the survivors of the British team that developed the experimental .280 round are chuckling right now.

    Beware gods with a sense of humor.

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