The Rose Roll of Blogs, Part 2


Another addition to the Blogroll of Fame, The Edge of the American West, a history-minded blog written by Eric Rauchway, Ari Kelman (who both “teach history at a fine public university at the western edge of the American West”), and Scott Eric Kaufman (“a doctoral candidate in English at a closely related fine public university in a similar location.) Interesting perspectives — and entertaining, too. 

Deploying my Holmesian (I refer to Mycroft, of course, not the greatly inferior Sherlock) detective skills to the utmost, I have discovered, using a newfangled electro-mechanical device called a Google, that Rauchway and Kelman are employed at University of California, Davis, and that Kaufman studies English and Comparative Literature at U.C. Irvine. 

Posted by Alexander Rose,


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