R. Don Higginbotham, RIP


One of America’s foremost military historians, R. Don Higginbotham, died over the weekend, as reported by Ralph Luker at Cliopatria. I used, and heavily annotated, several of his books — including this one — when researching my own. I’ve taken the following from his bio at the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill website:

Professor Higginbotham’s research interests are primarily in American history to 1815, although his work on the American Revolution has led him to do several articles on the subject of comparative revolution — America and Mexico, America and Vietnam, and the American Revolution and the Confederate Revolution. In addition to several books on the American Revolution, he has edited the Papers of James Iredell, a North Carolina and Federalist leader. His most recent publications are “The Martial Spirit in the Antebellum South,” Journal of Southern History, 58 (1992), 1-26, “Formentors of Revolution: Massachusetts and South Carolina,” Journal of the Early Republic, 14 (1994), 1-33, and “The Federalized Militia Debate: A Neglected Aspect of Second Amendment Scholarship,” William and Mary Quarterly, 55 (1998), 39-58. He is currently working on a book on George Washington and his relationship to the American Revolution, an essentially non-military study. He examined his military relationship to the Revolution in George Washington and the American Military Tradition(1985). Higginbotham’s George Washington Reconsidered: Selected Essays appeared in 2001. Washington: Uniting a Nation (2002) is his most recent work.”

One can only hope that his newest Washington book, about “his relationship to the American Revolution,” will appear posthumously (rather like the two left behind by Hugh Trevor-Roper, the late Lord Dacre, both recently published to much acclaim.)

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3 Responses to “R. Don Higginbotham, RIP”

  1. R. Don Higginbotham was known to most people that knew him, as a professor, a historian, and a student of history.

    I can truly say first hand that he loved what he did and his job was never “WORK,”
    for him it was a true labor of love. He actually gave out his home number to his students! I never had a professor do that. My only regret is that I never took his class
    when I was a student at Carolina.

    Dr. Higginbotham was my DAD. He was the most awesome father a guy or anyone could ever have. He was there for us in so many ways.

    Many may not know that I lost my mom at the age of 8. This left my Dad to be a widower with two 8 year olds and a 5 year old to raise by himself. My Dad was a
    real man. He was there for us never once giving us doubt that he wouldn’t be there.

    My Dad attended every one of my baseball games from Little League to High School, was involved with me in the YMCA Indian Guides, and coached by Youth Basketball teams for several years.

    As an adult he was there for myself and my two brothers always going out of his way to be an exrtraordinary Dad.

    The greatest blessing I had was to be able to say the words that I am typing here to my Dad before he died.

    I will always love him and will miss him terribly.

    Robert Myers Higginbotham

  2. 2 Steve Furman

    Mr. Higginbotham was a great guy and I will miss him as well.He always treated me with respect and he was always a nice person.When I found out he died it was a blow.I haven’t seen Mr. H in a long time.His death will never erase the great memories he gave me.RIP my friend,and all the love in the world to the Higginbotham family,from me and my family.

  1. 1 Don Higginbotham « A Student of History

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