Hitler's Phone Number


Reading March’s issue of History Today, the estimable British magazine, I noticed a letter from Richard Heller of London. He had discovered, quite by accident, that the 1945 edition of Who’s Who had an entry for, of all people, Adolf Hitler. Intrigued, I tootled by my local university library and looked it up for myself.

The reference room didn’t have the original 1945 edition, but 1952’s Who Was Who, 1941-1950, reprinted the original entries. Hitler’s is squeezed between those of William Alfred Hirst, author of the forgotten but no doubt charming Rambles in the Home Counties (1927), cricket aficionado, and member of the United University Club, and Johan Hjort, a former director of Norwegian Fisheries and a marine biologist. 

As a public service to all those unaware of the deceased Fuhrer’s biography, I reproduce it here in its entirety — plus, as an exclusive bonus for History Man readers, his phone number. 

Hitler, Adolf. Head of the German State since 1934, and Chancellor of the German Reich since 1933; Commander-in-Chief of the German Fighting Forces since 1938; Personal Commander of the Army since 1941; Supreme War Lord; Supreme Law Lord since 1942; b. Braunau on the Inn, Upper Danube, 20 Apr. 1889, of an old Upper Austrian peasant and artisan family; m. 1945, Eva Braun; religion, Catholic. Educ. secondary schools in Linz and Graz; studied painting and architecture in Vienna; settled at Munich in 1912 to study painting, supporting himself as artisan in building trade. Volunteer in German Army, 1914; wounded, 1916; gassed and temporarily blinded, 1918; Iron Cross, 1st Cl. and 2nd Cl., Western Front; after Revolution of 1918-19 devoted himself to politics, becoming President and Leader of the National Socialist German Workers Party; took part in rising of 9 Nov. 1923 and was sentenced to fortress detention until Dec. 1924; re-founded National Socialist Movement, 27 Feb. 1925; appointed Chancellor of the German Reich by President von Hindenburg, 20 Jan. 1933; member of the Reichstag from 5 March 1933; became Head of the German State by law of 1 Aug. 1934, confirmed by Referendum of 19 Aug. 1934. Publication: Mein Kampf, vol. I, 1925, vol. II, 1927. Address: Wilhemstr. 77, Berlin, W.8. T: 11 6191; Ober-Salzberg, Berchtesgaden, Bavaria.”

P.S. Before you ask, yes there is an entry for Herman Göring (his address is Leipziger Strasse 3, Berlin, W.8, unlisted number) but not, strangely, for Heinrich Himmler. 


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